Pint Size Paintings

pint size paintings



Pint Size Paintings is a new book focusing on amazing paintings done on a very small scale, while still having a large visual impact. Get out your magnifying glasses and focus your eyes on these tiny works of art! Over 120 of the world’s best artists are featured in the first volume displaying their talents to the world on micro canvases. Each carefully selected artist was given two miniature 2x3" canvases for this project. This book is the first publication of its kind, focusing on painting on a very small scale while capturing the viewer with pint size powerful imagery. This hardcover book is displayed in a beautiful art gallery format. Pint Size Paintings was edited by Durb Morrison, with contributions by Guy Aitchison, Michele Wortman, Nick Baxter, Mike Devries, Dan Henk, Kari Barba, Darin Slavik, Brian "Monk" Taylor, Eva Huber, Russ Abbott, Canman, Juan Salgado, Kurt Wiscombe, Ricky McGee, Joshua Ruff, Big Gus, Chris Dingwell, Gabriel Cece, Kimberly Reed, Larry Brogan, Mario Rosenau, Jeremiah Barba, Muriel Zao, Aaron Bell, Sean Peters, Zsolt Sarkozi, Jeff Johnson, Monte Agee, Oleg Turyanskiy, Seth Leibowitz, Bez, Marvin Silva, Adrian Dominic, Dee Dee Seruga, Steve Morris, Don McDonald, Brion Norwalk, Cee Jay, Rodney Raines, Nate Kostechko, Tony Romel, Orrin Hurley, Timothy Boor, Tim Creed, Tim Kern, Liorcifer, Dan Marshall, Damon Conklin, Jeff Ensminger, Nate Beavers and many more. Available Now!