Lettering 7 Book Combo Pack - BJ Betts & Big Meas

Lettering 7 Book Combo Pack - BJ Betts & Big Meas


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You Get 7 books for one great price!  
Includes the BJ Betts Combo & the Big Meas Combo (see descriptions below)
The BJ Betts Lettering Book 5-Pack   
Save on shipping by purchasing all five books! These reasonably priced lettering guides are worth their weight in gold. No matter where you are in your career, from street shop level all the way up to doing custom bodywork, you will have occasions where you need to be able to produce good lettering on skin. Pennsylvania tattooist BJ Betts has long been known for his beautiful lettering technique... precise, readable, yet full of life, character and style. Over the past few years BJ has released a series of books that are aimed at providing a comprehensive toolbox of lettering tricks and techniques to tattooists from all walks of life, including a book intended for traveling tattooers.
The first in the series is: "The BJ Betts Lettering Guide", which starts you off with basic script and quickly moves into ways of embellishing and elaborating on it. With short, concise explanations, each page is illustrated in a way that makes these methods clear and easy to follow. It's a solid book and a must-have for any tattoo studio.
The second in the series is: "The BJ Betts Custom Lettering Guide 2", which focuses on some of the most popular classic tattoo fonts, and shows ways to create variations on them without losing readability. It also introduces graph paper techniques for making more precise lettering, and wraps up with a number of highly useful scripts and embellishments. With short, concise explanations, each page is illustrated in a way that makes these methods clear and easy to follow. It's the kind of book that will get totally dogeared from repeated use.
The third in the series is: "The BJ Betts Lettering Guide Number Three", which picks up where the second book left off in providing a great range of very readable and useable tattoo fonts, scripts, embellishments, graffiti styles, shading ideas, etc. that will help keep your lettering fresh. Betts says in the introduction: "How many times have you seen a REALLY nice tattoo... initially, but then the lettering just blows.  It Kills the tattoo.". He's right. His lettering books are some of the best available, with short, concise explanations, each page is illustrated in a way that makes these methods clear and easy to follow. It's sure to become one of the most-used tools in your toolbox.
The fourth in the series is: "BJ Betts: Street Shop Lettering Version 4.0", which starts out with a library of examples of very graphic tattoo fonts, before going into an in-depth chapter on scripts, showing full alphabets of several very attractive and useful scripts, with several pages of detailed explanations and guidelines.The remaining book then is filled out with the complete alphabets from all the earlier graphic examples, complete with short, concise explanations of each font. An incredible resource.
The fifth in the series is: The BJ Betts Traveling Lettering Guide, boils down some of the most important aspects of designing good custom lettering into a small pocket-sized guide that's sure to get a ton of mileage. In addition to many pages of technical advice about layout, it provides numerous different scripts, banners, flourishes, effects, different variations on letters... And its on-the-road format makes it even more useful. The only way this book won't improve your lettering is if you don't open the cover.
Also included:

Big Meas Style COMBO Versions 1.5 & 2.0

Version 1.5 of Style, Tradition, and Grace.  The book is 72 pages, measures 8.5″ x 11″, and is spiral-bound. Includes 14 full alphabets and tons of lettering reference to get you inspired and help you evolve your lettering. Penned by lettering maestro Big Meas.

Style Tradition & Grace v2.0 is the most up to date and critical lettering guide that every tattooer or lettering artist should own, with 68 pages jam-packed full of compositions of all of the most popular lettering styles asked for today. It features 14 hand-drawn fonts: upper, lowercase, and numerical.